Plastic surgery

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Plastic surgery is a medical specialty whose function is to bring the normal functional and anatomical body coverage, ie body shape of people. Seeks to reconstruct surgically correcting deformities and functional deficiencies by transforming the human body. The aim is that the patient is born with a birth defect or have suffered an accident that made ​​him lose the function of normal range in both appearance and function of your body. It also allows to provide an aesthetic improvement or remodel bodies to make them more "beautiful" improvement.


Plastic surgery has been split from a practical standpoint in two fields of action:

Reconstructive or restorative surgery, including microsurgery, focuses on hides and reconstruct the destructive effects of an accident or trauma, congenital defects and malformation of a tumor or cancer resection. Reconstructive or restorative surgery uses different techniques: osteosynthetic moving tissue flaps and autologous healthy parts of the body affected, etc..

Aesthetic or cosmetic surgery, is performed in order to change those body parts that are not satisfactory for the patient. In many cases, however, there are medical reasons (for example, breast reduction when orthopedic problems in the lumbar spine, or blepharoplasty in severe cases even prevent dermatochalasis view).

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