Dietetics and nutrition

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Bone densitometry: 

Bone densitometry is a test to determine bone mineral density. It can be done with x-ray, ultrasound or radioactive isotopoes. Used to diagnose osteoporosis. The test is performed with the device that measures the images and gives a figure of bone mineral quantity per surface. 
The test works by measuring a specific bone, or more, usually in the spine, hip, forearm. The density of these bones is compared with an average value based on age, sex, size. Benchmarking is used to determine the risk of fractures and osteoporosis status in an individual.

Nutrition and Dietetics: 
According to the traditional concept of nutrition, the primary role of diet is to provide the nutrients needed for the proper functioning of the body. This concept of "adequate nutrition" is being replaced by "optimal nutrition" which contemplates that food is able to improve population health and reduce the risk of developing certain diseases. 
We offer various forms of analysis, exploration and investigation of various problems associated with nutrition. If you need more information on any of them, please contact us.

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