Diagnosis of varices and aesthetic medicine

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Treatment of varicose veins: 

Varicose veins are a progressive, degenerative disease that usually is not serious, but they are unsightly and can cause molestias.En many cases, treatment is palliative, ie serve to relieve symptoms and prevent or delay its progression. In others, they can definitely be cured. 

Treatment should be considered in the case of developed varices, which have produced changes in the skin or subcutaneous fat, and those in which you want to avoid future complications (risk of thrombophlebitis, ulcers, or bleeding). For purely aesthetic reasons may be the leg veins or spider veins.


Aesthetic Medicine: 

Aesthetic medicine is the restoration and maintenance of physical beauty by small medical practices interventionism. 

The main objective of aesthetic medicine practice focuses on real preventive medicine, since proper aesthetic appearance is always beneficial, promoting patient comfort and better overall health. 

More and more people, without providing any prior pathology itself demand an improvement in their image, so they turn to cosmetic procedures practiced by qualified medical personnel. 

Aesthetic medicine techniques never used more or surgery requiring general anesthesia, as in the case of cosmetic surgery, which in most of its activities involves a hospital stay of the patient.



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