Clinical analysis

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A clinical analysis or laboratory test is commonly called the complementary clinical laboratory examination requested by a doctor to confirm or exclude a diagnosis. Part of the process of health care that is based on the study of different biological samples by laboratory analysis and provides an objective result which can be both quantitative (numbers, as in the case of net glucose) or qualitative (positive or negative).


The results of a clinical analysis is interpreted in the light of reference values ​​established for each population and requires medical interpretation. Do not confuse the two concepts speaking of two different things, first is the diagnostic test and its result, and on the other, the interpretation that the doctor in question give those results. The most important thing is that when performing an analysis, you should always take into account certain characteristics of a diagnostic test characteristics. Some of these key aspects are: specificity, sensitivity, predictive value, accuracy, precision and validity (analytical, clinical and useful that test), and the preparation and collection of the sample or the reference range.


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