alberto Marmolejos Cerrillos

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For the School of Nursing Council of Malaga. (2004-2007).

Counseling, Intervention in Emergency and Disaster - University of Málaga (June 2011).

Technician in Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory - EscuelaTécnica of specialized education. Madrid (2001-2003) 

Intermediate Technical Risk Prevention Laborales.Curso Approved by the Junta de Andalucía and Certificate of Competence. 320H (2003). 

Occupational Teacher. Course Approved by the Junta de Andalucía and Certificate of Competence. 380H (2004).

                     PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

DUE Lacibis polyclinic. (October 2007-present)

    -Coordinating Nursing 
    -Coordinating UPS (comprehensive assistance service) 
    -SAD-Coordinardor (home help service)

Trainer for ALIAD. Former Hospital Patient Care course. 
Mar 2012-May 2012. 300h

Trainer for CESUR (COREMSA GROUP). Trainer course social and health care for dependents at home February 2012 - March 2012. (170h)

DUE to SAS. With 1 year and 7 months.

     - Emergency Hospital Regional Universitario Carlos Haya, on UVI services, Emergency. 
     - Hospital district of Velez Malaga in ICU service. 
     - Clinical Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Victoria Malaga in emergency department
     - In primary health care and DCCU costa del sol and Guadalhorce health district.

DUE to 061 INGESA. With experience of 6 months.

      -In service-UME 061. 
      -In the emergency department. 
      -In general surgery and internal medicine.


In primary health care and emergency services. June-July 2010.

DUE for Duarte System.

Trainer Assistant course in hospital nursing. December 2009 to June 2010. 600h



In airport medical service. In the emergency department. (April 2009-December2009).


Vitalia DUE to health services. In emergency and preventive services 
emergency.Fair malaga(August 2008)


USP DUE for hospitals. On critical patient transfers. (occasional 2007 - 


DUE to Malaga ambulance.

In preventive services, as well as patient transfers. (occasional 2007-2008).


DUE to care Domus.

Specialists in geriatric care: Andalusian sun at the resort. (August 2008 to present).


DUE to SAR Sierra de las Nieves.

Group specialists in geriatric care (December2007-May 2008).


DN Hedima occupational trainer for Training: Useful Products and 
cleaning materials, First Aid at Work and PRL. To Onet Spain 
S. L. 20H Sevilla (2004).


Occupational Teacher Training for Hedima DN: 
PRL in the Hospital cleaning, Culture and image companies, Quality and Environment. for 
UNICA cleaning company at the Regional Hospital of Antequera.18H (2004).


Laboratory Technician in central dispensing methadone 
in the pharmacy section. For Spanish Red Cross, Madrid. 4meses (2003). 


Laboratory Technician at the Military Veterinary Center 
Defense, Section of Microbiology and Clinical Analysis, Madrid. 3 months 


Chartered by the school nurse Málaga


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